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Allergiker Radtouren Wanderungen


Every year from June to September Monday-Saturday the Stoertebeker Festival takes place.

On an unique natural stage in Ralswiek you enjoy the adventures of the legendary Pirate Klaus Stoertebeker.

A play with over 120 participants, 4 ships, 30 horses and thrilling special effects.

Every night they have fireworks above the “Grossen Jasmunder Bodden”. It will turn your visit into an unforgettable experience.

After that, enriched by an fantastic event, you drive back to your spacious apartment in our Haus Sonnenschein.


Since 1997 Putbus is a state-approved resort town and still wears the byname “White Town” and “Rosetown”.
Back in the days, Souvereign Malte enacted, that the character of the neo-classical town centre should be maintained with beaming white houses and presentable rose trees. To this day, the city fathers of Putbus and the protection of historic heritage are still keeping the enact alive.

The theatre had been restored 1992-1998. Thanks to the brilliant acoustics and modern technical equipment, the Theatre of Putbus offers 160 lively show yearly. There are theatre shows, cabarets, operettas and shows for children.
Störtebeker Festspiele in Ralswiek

Marktplatz von Putbus
© Lothar Henke/PIXELIO